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A Man’s Got to Believe Something by David Sable

  • A Man's Got to Believe in Something†by David Sable
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN:†9781301494828
  • Word Count:† 3,227
  • Genre:†Christian:Short Story, Christian:Contemporary
  • Download Links:EPUB |†MOBI |†PDF

A Man's Got to Believe in Something by David Sable


A stranger, an executive type, walks into a barber shop. A Southern barber makes conversation and cuts the man's hair. Who is the real person in the story? And who is the one who still canít seem to find the person reflected in the barber shop mirror?

A Manís Got to Believe Something is a fictional study of belief and authenticity with characters that are horrific because they are real. One seeks to speak the truth only to be tripped up by his own sophisticated systems of denial. Another lives in deception and somehow has to find a way out.

Author Notes

A while back, my barber was out of town so I took a substitute. Our conversation and some events was similar (though not exact) to the details in the story. When I left, I had a deep sense that there was a story here some place. This rest is this work of fiction.

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