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Bard and Book’s 2014 Novel Contest

The author community at Bard and Book is pleased to host their first (possibly annual) novel contest!

Updates to be posted here:  http://writingcontest.us/

1st Prize:


2nd Prize:


3rd Prize:


All entries will receive a 1 page critique from each judge who reads their novel (at least one critique;  more if the novel makes it into further rounds).

In addition to the cash awards, award winners will be given an opportunity to create their own author community like Bard and Book's.   Also, Bard and Book Publishing may extend an offer to publish one or more of the winning novels.





Accepting Entries:  Immediately

Entry Submission Deadline:  October 1st, 2013

Judging:  October 1st, 2013 -- February 1st, 2014.

Winners Announced:  March-April, 2014

Possible Publication?  Winter 2014/2015


Suggested Word Count:  30,000 to 120,000 words


  • 1 Title Page with title, author name, and contact information
  • An outline of the entire novel
  • A 1 page synopsis
  • The manuscript itself, in size 12 font, 1 inch margins, top, bottom, and sides, single-spaced.


  • Previously unpublished manuscripts and self-published manuscripts only.
  • Nothing that would be considered NC-17 if it were a movie (No pornographic or erotic material!).
  • Humor, satire, drama, etc, are all welcome.

Copyright and Contracts:

  • Authors maintain and retain the copyright to their work throughout the entirety of the process.
  • If they are extended an offer to publish their winning works, they are under no obligation to accept the offer.
  • Awards are disbursed regardless of whether or not an offer to publish is extended.
  • Bard and Book may do so, but it is not obligated to extend an offer.

Judging Process:

The novel is randomly assigned to one of the Bard and Book authors who will read at least the first fifty pages, write a critique, and decide if the work should be passed on to the next round.

If it is recommended, it then goes to another of the authors, for similar treatment.  Depending on the number of entries, the judges will then perform yet another round or begin deliberating over the novels.  By the end, the final entries will have been read by all of the authors.  The critique will touch on the plot (was it interesting?  well constructed?), character development, setting, etc.  How honest and blunt do you want the critique?  Specify in the entry form!

The value of this writing contest is not found only in the possible award, possible publication, and offer to create an author community, it is also in the feedback that the author can receive.

Our Judges

The authors who make up the Bard and Book community will judge the novels and provide critiques.  Jamie Greening, Robert Cely, Chris Morrow, Derek Elkins, David Sable, and OJ Wolfsmasher have each won awards in writing contests before.  For these, Elkins, Sable, Cely, and Wolfsmasher have won first prize.  Morrow and Elkins have had their winning books published ("The Devil's Choir" and "Life Unworthy of Life", respectively).  Several of the judges of this contest are, or have been, judges of other writing contests.  Bard and Book Publishing author and director, Anthony Horvath, is the author of the Birth Pangs series and is also the director of Athanatos Christian Ministries, which publishes Christian fiction under the imprint Athanatos Publishing Group.  ACM has been hosting and administering short story, poetry, and novel contests for five years.


Email Anthony Horvath at publisher@bardandbook.com


To begin the process of submitting your entry, please first submit your payment.  We prefer payments through dwolla.com, which you can send to this account #812-741-7467.    After receipt of your funds, we will email you at your dwolla email address with the registration form.  You can, however, pay by credit card/paypal.  Upon successful completion of a payment by Paypal, you will automatically be redirected to the entry form. The Paypal button is below.