Become a Bard and Book Author

Benefits of being a Bard and Book author:

  • Privileged access to the Bard and Book author and reader community
  • Privileged ability to post blog entries to the site, create groups, etc, in order to develop your own, steady, reader base.
  • Each new work featured on the Bard and Book website.
  • One-stop shop for having your stories produced and distributed--Bard and Book will generate the covers, ebooks in various formats, and then distribute them to Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, etc, and subsequently promoted and marketed.
  • Access to editorial services
  • Inclusion in the Bard and Book literary journal (as voted on by your fellow authors) and other cooperative endeavors.
  • Sharing in the results of the marketing and promotion of the entire Bard and Book enterprise
  • Click here to see services we provide to those authors who are not formally a part of the Bard and Book author community.

What does it cost:

  •  $200 annual fee

This is the prerequisite for being able to be part of the revenue sharing plan and being able to access Bard and Book's publishing services.

Choose your plan:

  • Platinum -- $625/yr -- $55/mo-- includes the annual fee, and up to 36 digital works designed, produced, distributed, and marketed.

The following plans have a one time payment of the annual fee and in some cases both monthly or annual payment options, based on how many works you anticipate having ready for publishing in the course of a year--and they must be used within a year, or they are forfeited.

  • Gold -- $450/yr -- $40/mo:  Up to 18 published digital works
  • Silver -- $360/yr -- $35/mo:  Up to 12 published digital works
  • Bronze -- $270/yr -- $30/mo:  Up to 9 published digital works
  • Copper -- $150/yr -- Up to 3 published digital works

Would you like to have your works published as a printed book or anthology?  We can do that for you!

Print book Creation/Distribution

  • $250 -- includes cover design, creation of associated ebooks, printer setup, and distribution through the Bard and Book imprint.

NOTE:  The provisions of the agreement allow Bard and Book to publish submitted works in print form, at its discretion--and at its expense.

Editorial Services

  • $50 per 5,000 words -- a light pass over the text, basic proofreading, some feedback on the work.
  • $100 per 5,000 words -- A significantly more careful look at the text, grammar checking, proofreading, continuity checking, more involved feedback and commentary on the text--if it is desired!

Important Other Stuff:

Rights and Buy Out Provisions

Submission through the Bard and Book imprint necessarily requires granting Bard and Book the right to do so, and further the right to distribute the work.  However, Bard and Book endeavors to be as author-friendly as possible.  Therefore, the author does not sell their rights to their story/work to Bard and Book, but rather 'leases' them to Bard and Book.  This means, A., the author can continue to make use of their work however they please, provided they enter into no agreements that would prohibit Bard and Book from likewise making use of the work, and B., the author can 'buy out' Bard and Book's privileges--for a price--if an opportunity arises that requires exclusivity.   This option protects both the author and the publisher, ensuring the author can seize a golden opportunity and Bard and Book is not left holding the bag after committing resources to promote the author's work.   Note: although Bard and Book ceases to have the right to distribute it if a work is 'bought out',  Bard and Book still gets a small percentage of future proceeds from the work;  the final terms can be negotiated, based on the circumstances--namely and in particular if the 'golden opportunity' arises specifically because of Bard and Book's efforts.

'Buy out' options (per title):

  • Within the first year -- $500
  • In the second year -- $400
  • In the third year -- $300
  • In the fourth year -- $200
  • In the fifth year -- $100
  • After five years -- $0.

Author Revenues:

The revenue from each sale is divided:

  • 50% to the author
  • 50% to the publisher

This is for ebook or print sales, although most offerings are expected to be via ebook.

'Private label':

Do you want to make use of Bard and Book's services but want to distribute the work yourself or through some other avenue?  Bard and Book authors can make use of many of the services described above without committing it to Bard and Book Publishing by paying a flat $150 for ebooks or $350 for printed books.  Distribution, however, becomes the author's responsibility.  However, authors are permitted to post blog entries promoting such stories.

 Are you ready to become a Bard and Book author??!?!?!

Please fill out the form below, indicating which payment plan you are interested in.  You will be asked to upload a sample of your work.  If it is deemed by the publisher that you will be an asset to the community, you will then be permitted to set up a payment plan.

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