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Christmas from the Heart

Christmas from the Heart

Christmas from the Heart------------

Too busy to escape the holiday craziness? Take a moment. Stop the Christmas chaos with a book of short stories wrapped in the true spirit of the season. The authors of Bard and Book Publishing have collaborated to bring you a special Christmas gift from the heart. You will return to nature. You will be kidnapped by Santa. You will travel to the source of all Christmas music. You will revert back into a high-powered marketing exec surrounded by morbid nonsense until you team up in an old dive bar with an ex who tried to mug you, and an orphan on the verge of homelessness, to defeat the inner Scrooge of the town grinch. You will rethink how you react to people based on your assumptions about them, and eventually your heart will be melted and fully prepped for reentry.
Swimming Blind by Graham Kell

Swimming Blind by Graham Kell

  • Swimming Blind by Graham Kell
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781310048449
  • Word Count: 3,460
  • Genre: Fiction, Inspirational, Classics

Swimming Blind by Graham Kell------------

As a University professor, Riley could see that the girl’s creationist views were nonsense and his evolutionary reasoning was reasoned. What he couldn’t see, was the chain of events about to unfold, leading to a man standing scared and a platypus swimming blind. Sometimes nature preaches silent sermons.