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Writing my new short story, Jolly Rogers:  A Story About Boyhood was a very enjoyable experience.  I began writing this story as a simple Halloween tale.  At one point I seriously considered turning the story dark, where an old man captures three hoodlum boys vandalizing his home on Halloween and then tortures them in retribution.  I decided against that, but so did the story.  The story chose to go a different, sweeter direction.… Register or log in to access full content

The Trinity Is Not Mute

The Trinity is Not Mute by Jamie Greening

  • The Trinity is not Mute by Jamie Greening
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781476357942
  • Word Count: 552
  • Genre: Poetry, theology
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The Trinity Is Not Mute


The Trinity is Not Mute is a theologically reflective free-style poem about the Trinity.


Author's Notes

The most important doctrine, right now, for the orthodox view of God in the western world very well might be the Trinity.