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Tale of the Twelve, of Sir Boromir by Robert W Cely

  • Tale of the Twelve - Of the First, Sir Boromir by Robert W. Cely
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  • ISBN: 9781466190504
  • Genre:  short story
  • Word Count:  6,900
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In the tradition of medieval story collections, twelve knights recount their tales of adventure, magic and battles against the forces of evil that plague the land. A good King sends his son to bring peace to a troubled land. The Prince gathers to his court twelve of the bravest and most virtuous knights around. After a year of travel and adventure, the knights return to their Prince, and one by one recount their tales. Written in the style of medieval story collections like Canterbury Tales and The Decameron, and inspired by knightly romances of magic and adventure, The Tale of the Twelve unfolds a quest of warriors riding out alone, but fighting as one, as they struggle against the awful dread and array of the forces of evil.