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Writing Tips from the Bards

We asked our Bards if they have any words of wisdom for aspiring authors, and this is what they served us up:


7795837Robert Cely: If you really feel called to write, then it’s something you have to stick with. A lot of people I knew wanted to be a writer one day, and I am the only one of them that is still hammering away at it that I know of.… Register or log in to access full content

June Flash-fiction

Taylor lugged his carry-on to a chair on the aisle at the gate.  An hour and five minutes until boarding.  He didn't think John, his supervisor, would be there for half an hour.  Priding himself on his efficiency, John always said if you got to the airport too early, you just weren't planning well enough.  So, Taylor -- maybe "inefficient" Taylor -- had plenty of time to call Julie now.  He certainly wanted to, as he felt badly they hadn't done a proper good-bye.… Register or log in to access full content

“Wednesday’s Commute” and the commonplace

We always know when Jesus is at work because He produces in the commonplace something that is inspiring.

-- Oswald Chambers


Commonplace is everywhere, good and bad.  It can be found in our work, where we live, how we pay bills, in helping our children with their homework, in cutting the lawn, in trials and convictions, in eating dinner, in winning and losing at sports, in attending church on Sunday mornings (or Friday evenings or Saturday evenings or...), in loving and in wasting relationships away, in sickness, in recovery, in impending death, and in millions of other life-events every day.  … Register or log in to access full content

Author Involvement Central to New Publishing Models

Digital technologies have made it easier than ever to produce, distribute, and market a book. The person best able to advocate for a book is the one who wrote it. That means that if a publisher has to choose between two books of equal quality and the difference lies in the willingness of one author to get out their and hawk their book, that's the one they're going to go for. Pinning your hopes on finding a publisher that is going to do all the work for you, happily satisfied that they found a quality manuscript, is increasingly just that: a hope.

The Difficulties of Dieting as a Clue to the Nature of the Universe and the Quest for Meaning

Anyone who has ever tried to diet has probably at some point looked down at the scales in frustration and asked that eternal question: Why is it so hard to lose weight? That quickly leads to other, equally riveting and frustrating mysteries. Why should the tasty foods be the fattening ones? Why does exercise have to be so hard? Why can’t chocolate be a belly-slimming superfood?

But the problem doesn’t end with food.… Register or log in to access full content


When people die, it is tragic.  Sometimes there are events that happen after a loved one dies that almost seem as hard as the original pain of loss.   My newest short story features that kind of event--the ripping away of the scab that has barely begun to heal.  It is available right now for only 99 cents at Amazon and comes in at about 4000 words.  Click the icon below to purchase (I would love you forever if you did!) it for your Kindle reader at Amazon. … Register or log in to access full content

I am Notoriously Unreliable

Hello everyone.  It's been a while, and I am trying to decide what to write next, and also if the pen name of OJ Wolfsmasher should continue to write things or be taken out back and disposed of like yesterday's donut box.

Maybe it's the long cold winter.  Maybe it's my run-on sentences.  Maybe it's my determination to try and be happy.  I don't know what's preventing me from deciding on a direction.  … Register or log in to access full content

Goodreads Giveaways

I'm trying a giveaway through Goodreads, which I believe is where "avid" readers go to review books.  Amazon is wonderful too, no doubt, but I think it's a little bit more for the casual reader...or even non-readers.  My point is....with this giveaway, I hope to produce some great reviews, build a following, and more importantly--be added to readers "to-read" list.  I'm told from a lot of Goodreads users that they add books to their to-read list even if they don't win the giveaway. … Register or log in to access full content

Some stains shouldn’t be washed off

There’s no second chance at first impressions, they say. So what to write in a first blog?

I’m currently sitting here with a bowl of berries, so maybe I’ll mention my childhood because it was often spent climbing my parent’s mulberry tree. It was huge. My friends and I would lay on its branches and gorge ourselves. When we’d go home we could never hide what we’d been doing because our clothes, our mouths, our whole faces would be purple with fruit stains.… Register or log in to access full content

A Better Answer to Apathy

After introducing the problem of apathy in our culture, one so rife that our age could be called, The Age of Apathy, I presented what I believed was a pretty good answer to the question of our national malaise. And while I still think it is a good answer, containing many necessary elements in combating complacency in our culture and our hearts, I also realize it is an incomplete answer.

I know this because the apathy I am most intimately acquainted with is my own.… Register or log in to access full content

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