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What is Bard and Book?

All Readers Get:

  • Exclusive access to the authors throughout the creative process.
  • Copies of every digital book produced by the community’s authors.
  • Discounts on printed editions of Bard and Book’s published books.
  • The collected works of each author in a single digital file.
  • The gratification of knowing that they are directly supporting the authors!

Bard and Book Publishing represents an incredible new vision for connecting publishers, authors, and readers.  How does it work?   Our reader community has access to every creative piece our authors generate.

Our readers receive 5-10 new short stories or poems each month, as well as the latest novels the authors have written--perhaps one new full length book every other month or so! 

And in many cases, readers get to ‘watch’ as the stories are actually written, providing feedback throughout the process.  For example, an author may make available installments of novels that they are writing and solicit comments.

How does the publisher make money? By taking completed works of Bard and Book authors and publishing them in a 'traditional' manner, primarily to those outside the Bard and Book community of reader-subscribers. The publisher benefits by having a clear idea on which novels are more likely to succeed by being able to observe the feedback that the authors' creative pieces receive from the community. Other costs such as editing are diminished because they can be focused on projects deemed more likely to succeed in the wider market place.

Bard and Book publishing represents a win-win-win-win arrangement between the publisher, authors, reader-subscribers, and readers outside the community.

Interested in joining our readership and participating in a publishing revolution? Click here!

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