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Bard and Book Publishing is designed with both the publisher and the authors in mind.  The era of authors selling their copyright off to publishers without restrictions is fading fast as more and more avenues of distribution open up to diligent researchers.  Thus, Bard and Book's authors lease their content to Bard and Book, with certain provisions, described here.  However if even those modest provisions are too much, this page describes services that we offer with no strings attached whatsoever.   Do you need book covers designed?  Do you need a manuscript prepared to a printer's specifications?  Do you need Ebooks versions created?  Do you need multiple formats generated?  Bard and Book can do that for you.

No strings attached.  We work with you to create the files and then you are free to do with them as you please.  The distribution is all in your court.   Bard and Book can be your full service manuscript preparation service while you publish under your own label to your heart's content!


Digital Editions

  • $250 -- The full work up:  cover design, ebook generation in up to 5 formats (epub, mobi, pdf, for Smashwords, etc)
  • $150 -- Cover design only
  • $150 -- Ebook generation only

Print Editions

  • $400 -- The full work up:  cover design, manuscript set-up ... all files created according to the specifications of the printer of your choice (but most of our experience is in meeting the specifications of Lightning Source and Create Space)
  • $250 -- Cover design and printer set up only
  • $200 -- Manuscript set up only

Combo Package -- both print and digital

  • $550 -- Preparation of your manuscript and cover to the printer's specification, then formatted for ebook versions.  Cover design and prepared according to the printer's specifications, then integrated into the newly fashioned ebooks.  Ie., all of the services described above, but for both print and digital works together.

To see samples of our covers, check out the front page of this site or view the catalog listed on this site, the majority of which were developed by our very own team of book designers.

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