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Bring on the Brave World by Anthony Horvath

  • Bring on the Brave World by Anthony Horvath
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  • ISBN: 9781465835420
  • Genre:  Short Story
  • Approx Word Count: 3015
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Many joke about world domination but no one expected someone to actually try to get it. What happens if someone tries, and actually succeeds? In this short story, the attempt is described and the results are disconcerting, to say the least.

Questions emerge: does might make right? Why not? Are our actions predetermined by the laws of nature? If so, can we be blamed for anything we do? Even if that something is trying to take over the world?

Who are we to get in the way of the ambitions of a madman?

Author Notes:

I wrote this several years ago and revised it once or twice since then but it always had the feel of being incomplete to me.  I think it is because the plot that it encompasses is ultimately too big for a short story.  It cries out for a longer treatment.  It is also one of the few stories I've written that I think could be turned into a screen play to good effect.  So, one of my first ongoing projects I'm going to start on Bard and Book is the conversion of this story into a novella- and hey, who knows- maybe a full length novel.

I am inclined to keep it at the length of a novella, though. Yes, it is broad enough in scope to be a full novel, but I don't think even that would do the story justice. I said that its one of the few stories I've written that could be a good screen play, but I think what I really mean is that I think this story is best suited for film. Only a movie could encapsulate the dark irony that the story is ultimately meant to convey.

Of course, that could just be an excuse for my inability to 'seal the deal' and write the story such that it completely satisfies. 🙂 Only time will tell. However, I have already begun work on the novella and have posted the opening sequence for your reading pleasure.

To check out the blog post where the novella project begins, go here.


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