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Bubblegum and Suckers by Anthony Horvath

  • Bubblegum and Suckers by Anthony Horvath
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781476005447
  • Word Count:  3,261
  • Genre: Humor and Comedy: Satire and Black Comedy
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Bubblegum and Suckers


"Free bubblegum and suckers to everyone! Fudge and Cookies for all! Free health care, free drugs, free everything! Nobody pays and Everyone Benefits!" cry the children. In this short story coming on the Supreme Court decision on Obamacare, idealists grapple with reality, and youngsters take on old fogeys for the future of the country.

Author's Notes

I wrote this several years ago without much thought to releasing it more widely. In light of the recent Supreme Court ruling, it seemed as timely as it ever would be. Interestingly, other recent events since it was first penned in February of 2010, the last few sentences of the story seem especially appropriate. Think of the massive change in the house of representatives later that year and a sweeping victory of conservatives in places such as Wisconsin, where, even more recently, Big Brother has his hand slapped once more.

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  1. Truth in fiction if ever I’ve read it.

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