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I am Notoriously Unreliable

Hello everyone.  It's been a while, and I am trying to decide what to write next, and also if the pen name of OJ Wolfsmasher should continue to write things or be taken out back and disposed of like yesterday's donut box.

Maybe it's the long cold winter.  Maybe it's my run-on sentences.  Maybe it's my determination to try and be happy.  I don't know what's preventing me from deciding on a direction.  … Register or log in to access full content

Not The Story I Expected To Write

Sometimes I know nothing about the nature of a story when I start writing it other than a couple characters and a plot point.  Until about the time I finished the rough draft for Get Acquainted with Mr. Grief, I didn't have any idea where it was leading beyond the first few scenes.  You'll be happy to know that last week sometime a plot structure did actually begin to develop in my head.  … Register or log in to access full content

For My Next Trick, A Serialized Novel

In honor of the wonderful upcoming month of November (O please get here soon), otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, my next project is totally going to be a novel. Because I love you, my dear readers, so very much, I've decided to let you have a say in WHICH novel I release in easily-digestible e-book installments.  This will technically be my debut novel, and the course of my entire writing career is hanging in the balance, so "choose wisely."

(I'm bringing this up because I honestly am having a beast of a time deciding which way to's a genetic thing.)

Your choices:

1) As Far As You Know -- In 2005 (seven years ago!), I actually wrote a Nanowrimo novel. … Register or log in to access full content

What’s in Yo He-ead?

You should see my typing posture* right now.  I'm at my kitchen table, my legs are spread and on two separate chairs, I am leaning way back (i.e., slouching), and the chair is making an imprint of vertical wooden lines on my poor back.  It is 3am.  I made a cup of coffee, and should have made a pot.  Live and learn and make another cup, I guess.  Also, I'm not going to explain why I'm up so early/late.  … Register or log in to access full content

Notes on “Helmets Do Not Expand With Heads”

I'm fascinated by our fascination with the professional athlete.  It seems obvious to me that they are not role models, as Sir Charles Barkley once famously observed.  They are not heros.  They are normal people with a highly marketable skill that makes the rich and famous.   We want to be like them (because they have a highly marketable skill that makes them rich and famous), so we turn them into heros and role models. … Register or log in to access full content