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Happy to have joined the Bard and Book community


I certainly identify with Robert Milton's recent post:  it's a great pleasure and honor for me to join the B&B group as well.  I am benefiting, being entertained, and being challenged by reading through your stories.  I look forward to, and welcome, receiving your comments and insights about the stories I offer.  As to my background, I have a loving wife and three active and creative children and live and work in the Dallas area. … Register or log in to access full content

Humbled and Proud at the Same Time

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I'd like to take a quick second to introduce myself and thank you a million times over for granting me time and space in this community.  Allow me the pleasure of an name is Robert Milton.  I'm 32 years old, married for almost seven years to a beautifully feisty gal named Lorrie Beth, and live in Birmingham, Alabama.  I'm incredibly humbled to be a small part of this world of authors. … Register or log in to access full content

Answer to Apathy

I know this is rather long for a blog, but after posting a work called The Age of Apathy, a challenge came up to offer answers to the question of apathy. How did we get this way? What can we do about it? Here is my brief (somewhat) offering on the subject of apathy. Or rather, it is my answer to apathy.

I have always held that most of our problems end up being theological or philosophical ones.… Register or log in to access full content


This is something I wrote up this morning and posted on my personal blog page.  I've been bashing on Hallmark Christmas movies the last couple of days (click here and here) and that kind of got my juices flowing on a Christmas mashup.  I hope you enjoy it.



In 1963 Santa Claus snubbed Jack Frost and Frosty the Snowman over royalties from the production of made-for-television Christmas specials. … Register or log in to access full content

Age of Apathy

There is no greater question, one more rich with impact and implication for the whole universe, than the question: How should life be lived? Strangely, there are very few that explicitly ask this question today, and even fewer who venture an answer. This despite the fact that all of us carry an answer around in our souls, though few are aware of it. But all that we do, all we say, how we work, how we eat, what we believe, what we worship, what we do with our time; all this and more is bound up in how we believe life should be lived.… Register or log in to access full content


Derek Elkins has thrilled us all again with another outstanding novel.  An Introduction to Shadow is an exciting, action packed story that keeps the reader engaged and longing for more.  Clearly he is setting this up as a series, and I can't wait for the next installment.  Let's take a moment and break down the book for readers.  Don't worry, I've not put any spoilers in here so your future enjoyment is safe.… Register or log in to access full content


Crumb!  I realized it has been a very long time since I have blogged over here at Bard and Book, so I am re-posting a blog about the movie Thor I wrote last week at my home blog over at wordpress.  Next week (definitely before Thanksgiving) I will try to get a review posted of Derek Elkin's An Introduction to Shadow, which I am about half-way through and enjoying so far. … Register or log in to access full content

Book Review of Dan Brown’s “Inferno”

Okay, so I was working this week and this thought just sprang into my head: you know what Bard and Book really needs?  It needs some book reviews.  I mean, we're all about bringing Authors and Readers together, and what do readers like more than to reviews.

Well, here is my first review.  I hope you like it. I promise to follow up real soon with a book I'm reading called "Pillars of the Earth" by Ken Follet. … Register or log in to access full content

On The Pace of Writing

Technically, if a football team gains three and a half yards every play, they would win every game.  The games would be boring – no end rounds or spectacular, diving catches.  Just a slow, steady move towards the goal.

My writing seems like that.  I was hoping to have my next story, Invitation to the Game (a story that revolves around two opposite characters, unaware of their needs, as Superbowl Sunday unfolds), posted by early May but I am yet a few yards off of finishing the first draft. … Register or log in to access full content

The Arduous First Drafts

For me, the most difficult hurdle to overcome is starting a story.  Having done that, the next most difficult thing for me to do is naming the first character.  It is my first step of taking a story idea out of a vague “yeah, one day I need to write that” to a concrete commitment that this is Bob, not Mary.  

This is where writing can be more like laying bricks

But once the bricks are laid, we can start decorating the house.… Register or log in to access full content

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