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Changes at Bard and Book

Hopefully by now our registered members have noticed our email notifications when new stories or blog posts are made.   Since free members only have access to a story for the first 30 days, these notifications will allow them to jump on right away and read the story.  We also encourage you to leave feedback on those stories on the story page.  If you don't want to receive notifications, you can make the change by logging in and going to your user profile.

In other news, we have added another author.  David Sable joins us this month.  His new story, Reverend Bob’s Sermon, can be read for free (unlimited time span).  He is a recent winner of a Christian writing contest and a prolific writer.  He will be an asset to our reading/writing community.

I should also mention that this month Bard and Book will have its 5,000th download!  Indeed, even as I write this it may have already happened.  This figure includes all purchases made on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and this website.  This bodes well for Bard and Book's future and we're hopeful you'll be a part of that future.


Anthony Horvath, author and founder of Bard and Book.


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