Christmas from the Heart

  • Christmas from the Heart by Bard & Book Authors
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Christmas from the Heart------------

Too busy to escape the holiday craziness? Take a moment. Stop the Christmas chaos with a book of short stories wrapped in the true spirit of the season. The authors of Bard and Book Publishing have collaborated to bring you a special Christmas gift from the heart. You will return to nature. You will be kidnapped by Santa. You will travel to the source of all Christmas music. You will revert back into a high-powered marketing exec surrounded by morbid nonsense until you team up in an old dive bar with an ex who tried to mug you, and an orphan on the verge of homelessness, to defeat the inner Scrooge of the town grinch. You will rethink how you react to people based on your assumptions about them, and eventually your heart will be melted and fully prepped for reentry.


A Very Merry Cliché for Christmas by Derek Elkins

I was watching the Hallmark Channel and found that most every Christmas movie had some serious clichés in common. I thought to myself that I could do just as well or, at the very least come up with a decent parody of the genre. So, I wrote a parody of a Christmas story.

In it, we find Holly Clause, a Big City executive being called back to her small hometown because of the death of her mother. Soon, she is pairing off against the town's grinch, one O. M. Potter. The sparks and insanity begin to fly as Holly comes up with a scheme to win back Christmas from the old miser.

Meek and Wild by Graham Kell

A week after Christmas in 1977, on a jungle-covered volcano in Rwanda, the old man on the mountain, Digit, is an unexpected picture of the self-sacrifice Jesus was born to demonstrate.

Missing the Fair by Derek Elkins and family (illustrated)

A Christmas narrative poem written by Derek Elkins and illustrated by his four children. It made their grandpa laugh really hard. Mission accomplished. Just a big Christmas gift from Derek and the kids to all of you. This will remind you of a good Dr. Seuss tale your older kids and you will both love. Use caution with younger kids, though - this story’s Santa might scare them!

The Big Wheel Blessing by Jamie Greening

Childhood is a wonderful time when we learn about ourselves and the world around us. In this story, Dakota learns about the nature of giving and receiving. It is a sweet tale that happens mainly in the driveway--a magical place where the imagination fuels adrenaline and friendships are made. [Author Notes: The story is set in the Pastor Butch Gregory Universe, but it is not a Pastor Butch story. It just so happens that Dakota and his family attend Pastor Butch's church.]

The Songwriter and the First Christmas: A Very Short Story by Chris Morrow

Berakhiah, the temple songwriter can't find anything to write about until an Angel delivers some inspiration.

Solomon said there was nothing new under the sun and Berakhiah, the temple songwriter, tends to agree. It seems as though every song has been written and he's depressed until an angel lets him in on some good news.

Treed by James Yarbrough

What is it about psychologist Greg Chambers and the Christmas season anyway? Isn't his life quirky enough without weird Yuletide goings-on? Sherry has decided it’s time to break her husband Greg of a bad habit. But how?

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