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Comments on “An Introduction to Shadow”

I am extremely excited about the book I'm working on right now called "An Introduction to Shadow".   It's about a homeless boy named Malcolm who is saved at the last minute from a monster attack by a demon hunter: one of the Awakened.  He is introduced into the world of the Awakened, those who walk in the shadows and fight against the Fallen, monsters whose only mission is to steal, kill and destroy.  As Malcolm emeshes himself further into the enclave of the Awakened, he finds that he himself is a specific target of the Fallen and fights for his life.  As he fights for his life, he is trained in the world of the Awakened and will son approach a crossroads where he must choose between the life he knew and this new life, fraught with danger but also hidden promises.

I'm about two-thirds of the way done, about page 200, out of 300 pages.  Growing up, I really enjoyed the works of Stephen King and other authors who wrote in that vein and, when I became a Christian, I wanted to write something that captured the excitement and adventure of a well-wrtten novel that didn't also have the profanity and sexual subtext.  Basically, I wanted to write a novel that I would enjoy reading as well.

So, as an introduction to my new novel, I am offering the first chapter free and the following book in about fifty page installments every fifteen to thirty days.  Read along as I progress and please offer me any suggestions you might have as well.  Anything that can make this novel the very best it can be will be most appreciated.  I look forward to this adventure...

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