Contest: Scavenging for Riddles

Hungering for a scavenger hunt?

It's time to set out on our "Scavenging for Riddles" contest!

In order to win, carefully linger over every word of each story listed below, searching for the correct answer to its riddle. Take the first two letters of the correct answer for each riddle and combine them into a single, 18-letter word (in alphabetical order, by author).

This single word will be the password you enter into our password-protected contest entry page on Bard and Book. You can only unlock that page IF you are registered and logged in AND you get the clues correct.  The first scavenger to submit the form on that unlocked page gets the main prize of $100. All other submissions go into a pool with the second place of $50 being drawn from a hat.

You can read the stories for free by registering and then logging in and clicking the links in the riddles below.  If you really want to, you can buy the stories for the Kindle by clicking on the cover images.  Remember, you still need to register and sign in in order to access the password-protected contest entry page.

Here are the riddles in alphabetical order by author:

Arnulf the Destroyer by Robert CelyRobert Cely:
Randy gives up on Arnulf, and gives in to despair
But Jenna believes in him because of his____________
[Find the answer in Arnulf the DestroyerKindle Edition

The Tallest Tale by Derek ElkinsDerek Elkins:
Hungry ol' Brownbreath McGee would probably prefer melons
but if she has to kill her own lunch, she'll settle for ____________
[Scavenge The Tallest Tale.] Kindle Edition

The Last Message by Jamie GreeningJamie Greening:
The squeaky wheel gets the grease goes the saying,
but when it comes to God we call it ____________
[Find the key in The Last Message.] Kindle Edition

Mordecai's Dillema by Anthony HorvathAnthony Horvath:
First seed, then roots, then fruits, but farthest
in line is Mordecai's concern, the  ____________
[Reap the answer in Mordecai's Dilemma.] Kindle Edition

Swimming Blind by Graham KellGraham Kell:
A vessel without a captain is destined for the shoal
but Riley believes he's alright, since he's captain of his ____________
[Seek to find in Swimming Blind.] Kindle Edition

Dinner for the Dead by Chris MorrowChris Morrow:
The literate Michael dines with the dead
fortunate enough to have a (posthumous?) friend named ____________
[Peruse for the purloined person in Dinner for the Dead.] Kindle Edition

Get Acquainted with Mr Grief by OJ WolfsmasherOJ Wolfsmasher:
In a game of Trivial Pursuit, God wins probably
his pop-culture prowess proved by reference to  ____________
[Get to know the answer in Get Acquainted with Mr. Grief (Pilot Episode).] Kindle Edition

tobttr_concept2Joseph Shaw:
The reasons we choose our pastimes are often quite hazy
but  this grandpa knows why people play golf:  they're ____________
[Take a swing in This One Belongs to the Reds.Kinde Edition

The Forge of Gleipnir by James YarbroughJames Yarbrough:
Binding and bound, we all have chains that must be bust
in The Forge of Gleipnir the chain-link is ____________
[Test your mettle at The Forge of Gleipnir.] Kindle Edition

Solution: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Enter it here at this link.  If you get it right, you'll know immediately, because you'll be able to access the submission form! (Remember, you need to be registered and logged in to even have the chance to enter the winning solution!)

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