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For My Next Trick, A Serialized Novel

In honor of the wonderful upcoming month of November (O please get here soon), otherwise known as National Novel Writing Month, my next project is totally going to be a novel. Because I love you, my dear readers, so very much, I've decided to let you have a say in WHICH novel I release in easily-digestible e-book installments.  This will technically be my debut novel, and the course of my entire writing career is hanging in the balance, so "choose wisely."

(I'm bringing this up because I honestly am having a beast of a time deciding which way to go...it's a genetic thing.)

Your choices:

1) As Far As You Know -- In 2005 (seven years ago!), I actually wrote a Nanowrimo novel.  It was about a cultishly adored film director who exclusively made violent parodies based on the titles of popular films, and would have featured a real love story and all sorts of sci-fi stuff had I made it that far.  It's about 1/3 of the way written, with a tacked-on "European" ending starring none other than insane NBA basketball star Ron Artest (now known as Metta World Peace).  This story is truly crazy, several times crazier than even Zombiez was.  It needs a lot of work, but I'm genuinely excited about picking this back up and running with it.  It's the leader in the clubhouse right now.

2) The Mongolian Tiger Monkeys -- Because I have too much imagination, I conceived of a whole Trilogy of novels before writing even one word.  The first book would be in five parts, so it divides nice and equally for purposes of serialization.  Sure, one of the parts would be HUGE, but whatevs.  I've written a large portion of one of the parts, and vaguely outlined all three books.  So what's it about, you ask?  Well, a highly intelligent species of monkeys is discovered in remote Mongolia, a species with highly convenient by-products that can be made from its body parts.  The story is basically a farce, with the monkeys eventually protesting their treatment at the hands of humanity, and the United States taking action to ensure that the monkeys don't continue to make monkeys out of us.  But there's way more to it than that, obviously.

3) Untitled 1809 Leprechaun Story -- This is the story that I've been threatening to write for basically a year.  Less crazy than the others, root for this one if you like historical fiction with miniscule amounts of steampunk in it.  In this already-outlined story, A possibly crazy soldier leads a bunch of people on an expedition to find a magical treasure in 1809 Wisconsin.  Also, there is at least one Leprechaun.  It's kind of an American fable a la Paul Bunyon or something.  There are a lot of fantastical elements, and also lots of intense action (read: death).  I haven't written any of this yet, so the process will be SLOW to account for misfires.  Also, I need a title for this.  "Rodrigo and the Leprechaun" just doesn't cut it.  How about "Badgers and Boomstix"?  I am unsure.

So there you go.  Anybody out there?  Comment here, or on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/OjWolfsmasher

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