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Fragile Man

"As for man, his days are like grass, he flourishes like a flower of the field;"

Psalms 103:15


     It's been stated by poets and kings. Great playwrights have written of it and the ordinary man laments because of his predicament. Wherever you turn, people are worried about death. He knows that his days on earth will not be long. And he is afraid. He knows that he needs help to progress to eternity, but his pride holds him back.


     Days are short. Spend every waking hour on purpose. Don't allow your time to waste away with nothing to show for your life. Too many men die unfulfilled, with barely a group showing for his funeral. When we live for today, with no thought of tomorrow, tomorrow will always catch us by surprise and leave us bereft and broken.


     What bitter pill must we swallow to reverse this horrible infraction? What path must we trod to add one day to our lives? Is there a fountain of youth, an anti-aging solution? No, there is only God. He is all we've ever needed. Time is short. Don't allow it to rule your life. Don't just live for today. Live for eternity.

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