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Happy to have joined the Bard and Book community


I certainly identify with Robert Milton's recent post:  it's a great pleasure and honor for me to join the B&B group as well.  I am benefiting, being entertained, and being challenged by reading through your stories.  I look forward to, and welcome, receiving your comments and insights about the stories I offer.  As to my background, I have a loving wife and three active and creative children and live and work in the Dallas area.  My training and career have been in the sciences, so my outputs over the years have been predictably empirical, objective, concise and precise.  Various fiction writing has been a private pursuit for me over the years and provides a bit of a wider scope and a welcomed contrast.  I hope to get to know you better over the next months.

- Jim



4 Responses to Happy to have joined the Bard and Book community

  1. Well hey, welcome James. Specialize in any particular genre: sci Fi, fantasy, horror, drama? I look forward to reading your work as well and appreciate any feedback, good, bad of indifferent.

    • Derek, thanks for the feedback and your willingness to plow through my story. Hey, did my comment this morning on your story “Pain” get posted? I see my comment is still listed as “pending.” Anyway if not, I enjoyed that piece. Good taut writing that adds to the suspense and, well, pain. Looking forward to reading your other stories.

  2. Never mind. I’m dumb. I’m gonna read your story right now…well today. I’m at work at the moment.

  3. welcome james! don’t make yourself too comfortable though because i am sure the literary police are going to start rounding us up one by one and hauling us off to some secret location where hapless writers who are trying to subvert the global industrial big book industry are re-educated to forget about things like art, craft, and subversion in literature and taught to enjoy the latest consumer trash.
    wow, that was a really long sentence. sorry about that. anyway, welcome.

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