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Hold On…WordPress thinks my browser is out of date…

I was going to celebrate this inaugural blog post as OJ Wolfsmasher by doing the thing I enjoy most: Talking about me. However, WordPress is showing me a nasty orange-ish message about my browser being out of date. I'm using Internet Explorer 8. At my day job, we literally JUST SWITCHED to IE8 as our company's "standard." And WordPress thinks it's out of date, is filled with concern for my safety, and is giving me a link to a WordPress-designed site called browsehappy.com, where five browsers are presented to me as options.  You know which one is last in line?  Internet Explorer.  Looks like somebody at WordPress doesn't like Microsoft.  And who can really blame them?  It's like the American Evangelical Christianity of browsers, in that it's pretty and popular and fits in, but doesn't ever do anything you want it to, and seems to be making its decisions based on its own agenda.

So I log in here and I get software propaganda right off the bat.  This does not bode well.  I mean, browsers are free, right?  Why so much fuss over the medium when the message is what's important?

Oh, right. the medium IS the message. If I use IE, I get a "Microsoft-colored" view of cyberspace, kind of like when a hurricane hits somewhere and local news in Utah is all, "Let's report on how this affects area Mormons."

Why am I using IE at all, since it really, really sucks at everything? Well, it's a long boring story that nobody cares about. Please don't tell me about all the other, better, browsers. I know.

Which sort of brings me back to me, Oj Wolfsmasher. Let me ask you -- if you were walking through a bookstore, and saw a book by an OJ Wolfsmasher, you'd buy it, right? Or you'd at least be more inclined to than if my name were something lame like, I dunno, Michael Pape. That's not to say this Wolfsmashing thing is all about money; you'd certainly also be more inclined to steal a book by OJ Wolfsmasher ,which is awesome (but I'm officially obligated to find it hurtful).

It's a pen name, obvs. But that doesn't mean I'm not a real person. Or does it? Think about it.

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