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In A World Where No One Is Listening

Reverend Bob's Sermon came out of a time of depression.  Between a rare interpersonal conflict and a decision to drop out of yet another failed project I felt as if I was in a world where I contributed little and was stuck.  Worse yet, I felt that I was resigned to a world where no one really heard me.

Those were just feelings, of course.  You ask any of my friends as well as my spiritual mentor and they would go on and on about all that I had to be thankful for and the good contributions I had made about me.  Was it time to review It's A Wonderful Life?

While I wouldn't concur that all is mind over matter, I do believe that the narrative I play in my head goes a long way to how I look at life and how I feel.   At times, people in my life have helped me change the narrative in my head to align a little better with what is true and real.  I enjoy making up fiction and it is a helpful tool for me to think through a problem or issue as I work it out on my computer screen.  Nevertheless, it is not good for me to manufacture fiction and live it in my head as if it were true.

Look for these ideas in Reverend Bob's Sermon.   Perhaps the sermon was never really heard by the congregation.  But sometimes the sermons we preach are meant to be preached to just ourselves.

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