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The Last Message by Jamie Greening

  • The Last Message by Jamie Greening
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781311846679
  • Word Count: 4,140
  • Genre: Fiction, Christian, Short Story, Paranormal
  • Download Links: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=221 linktext=EPUB /] | [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=222 linktext=MOBI /] | [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=223 linktext=PDF /]

The Last Message by Jamie Greening------------

Lois can't stop listening to the last voicemail her daughter left before she was killed by a drunk driver. A technological blunder drives her into deeper despair until something unbelievable happens. Six months ago Lois and Rick's daughter, Stephanie, was killed in a tragic car accident. The voicemail she sent to her mother the night of the accident is a treasured gift from their daughter's brief life. Lois listens to the message far too often, and it has caused her emotional paralysis. Her husband Rick and sister Tina both encourage her, but she can't let go. To her dismay, she loses that treasured message, the last message, forever when the phone company makes software upgrades. Lois is inconsolable, until something truly wonderful and divine occurs.

Author Notes

This story is pastoral in nature about grief, loss, and healing. It is also about hope and the mysteries of life after death.

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