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Law Abiding Citizen by Anthony Horvath

  • Law Abiding Citizen by Anthony Horvath
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781301909773
  • Word Count:  2,408
  • Genre: Satire
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Law Abiding Citizen by Anthony Horvath


What happens to a town when a man with a gun refuses to stop another man with a gun from killing people, just because it was against the law to bring the gun on school property?

Sheldon Knapp was caught in a photograph calling 9-11 with a gun in his hand, while a vicious gunman enters the school behind him. Initially regarded as a hero, the accolades turn into contempt, as people begin saying that he could have, and should have, done more.

Sheldon Knapp's defense: He is a law abiding citizen.


Author's Note

This story is not actually inspired by recent events. It has been rattling around in my head for a long time. I think it highlights some of the hypocrisy within and without the media whenever there is a mass shooting. Hopefully, the format of the story suggests who the real target of the story is (if there even is one).

One Response to Law Abiding Citizen by Anthony Horvath

  1. Everyone agrees that terrorist shootings are bad. But where do you put the fence that protects those from crossing the line? In a world of simplistic solutions, Law Abiding Citizen suggests that it is more complicated than one might think.

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