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March Contest

Readers, we need your help!

In March, the Bards will be participating in a contest.  The details are pretty simple.  Using a random set of five to ten words, come up with the best short story of approximately 3000 words. The Bards will notate which story is specifically for the contest by placing the words "March Contest" in the story description. The winner will be crowned "Grand Pubah of All Things Writing" and a celebration will be had in their name, probably by the Bard himself and a few of their closest friends.

Now, this is where you, the Reader, come in.  We need you to come up with a random set of words, preferably by the end of this week.  They can be any words or phrases you wish.  You set up a wish list and we'll do the rest.  If you give us more than ten words, we'll have a moderator pick ten out of the words provided.  Then, at the end of the month, or when the Bards are finished with their work, you, the Reader, will be the judges.  It will be up to you to pick the first Grand Pubah.

Are you up to this monumental task?  Do you think you could handle the responsibility of this assignment and not go insane?  Do you wish I would stop so you could hurry up and get on with it?

Then, let's get on it.  Please respond to this post with your list or semi-list of words.  We will do the rest.

Thanks for your patronage and your continued support.

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