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Not The Story I Expected To Write

Sometimes I know nothing about the nature of a story when I start writing it other than a couple characters and a plot point.  Until about the time I finished the rough draft for Get Acquainted with Mr. Grief, I didn't have any idea where it was leading beyond the first few scenes.  You'll be happy to know that last week sometime a plot structure did actually begin to develop in my head.  It's not outlined yet, but I think Mr. Grief will end up being a gothic soap opera with televisual and apocalyptic themes, sort of a Twin Peaks (yay) meets Left Behind (ugh, I know) meets all my other stories (yay?).  As always, that's way too ambitious a goal for my skill-set to tackle at this point in its development, but you know I wouldn't have it any other way.

Let me explain further the thought process and background behind Mr. Grief:

1) It is actually the fourth book I started working on after finishing Zombiez.  The other three just didn't feel right...yet.  One is a satire of Fifty Shades of Gray that took a really gross (but AMAZING, if I do say so myself) turn despite my attempts to sanitize it.  That may still get unleashed upon an unsuspecting world soon, though I suspect that unsuspecting world might lost all respect for me when it does.

2) I have a whole back-story for the main character that will be revealed somewhat in Chapter 2 of the story.  Since his thoughts provide the framework and worldview for the book, it was hard to know exactly how much of him to reveal (since any of it could pop out of his mouth or head at any time).  Chapter 1 will start to make more sense soon, I promise.

3) I realized that Zombiez was really more of a radically condensed full-length novel  than a short story, and ended up being extremely complicated to write/read.  Don't get me wrong, I still LURVE it, but I understand why it would be kind of an exhausting or frustrating experience.  Mr. Grief represents an attempt to tell a much simpler story at a much slower pace.  It's also much more real and honest and unstylized (though still delightfully insane).  I joked on my Twitter that it's so emo it's like the Dashboard Confessional* of first chapters of stories.  With the title and subject matter it has, I feel I had to set the tone right away.  This is going to be sad.  If you're not down for that, or if you read books to escape from all that, try and concentrate on all the weird stuff and ignore all the crying, k?

4) All of my books take place in the same universe, including the ones that have yet to be written and the ones that were written by that joker named Michael Pape.  It is so decreed, so shall it be.  Except the Fifty Shades thing, that's satire that takes place nowhere.

5)  I really just want to tell good stories.  Hopefully I can accomplish that at some point.

God bless you all,





*Wikipedia it.


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