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Notes on “Helmets Do Not Expand With Heads”

I'm fascinated by our fascination with the professional athlete.  It seems obvious to me that they are not role models, as Sir Charles Barkley once famously observed.  They are not heros.  They are normal people with a highly marketable skill that makes the rich and famous.   We want to be like them (because they have a highly marketable skill that makes them rich and famous), so we turn them into heros and role models.  But the hero we create is just an idealized version of ourselves, only with more talent and money.  This is why we defend them when they do wrong (they're just like us!) and then lionize them when they recover from doing wrong (they're just like an idealized version of us!).

Yeah, I'm cynical.  It's ok.  Saves me from being surprised a lot.

Regarding my story Helmets Do Not Expand With Heads, let me take this opportunity to first and foremost apologize for the endnotes.  I would plead for forgiveness, except for three (3) things:  The story is (mercifully) free; The notes are necessary for non-NFL fans to understand what's going on (which is why all but one of them exist in the first place); and, they were designed to be footnotes rather than endnotes.  I guess the story would work better as a regular flesh-and-blood book rather than an e-book.  But (as is fast becoming the mantra for our age) it is what it is.   Maybe one day it will be granted a physical form, and with that form, real footnotes.  Until that day, deal with it haters.




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