Pain by Derek Elkins

  • Pain by Derek Elkins
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781310948480
  • Word Count: 4,320
  • Genre: Fiction, Christian, Short Stories
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Pain by Derek Elkins------------

PAIN...In some lives it's the only thing that matters.

Regina is immersed in a cocoon of pain. The teasing of your classmates, the uselessness of her life leaves her numb and in search of pain as the only legitimate feeling. She is alone and spiraling toward disaster until hope steps in.

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  1. Derek,

    Nicely done. I think your compact style is very effective, particularly with a subject like this; it adds to the feeling of suspense and woe. You also well captured some of the angst of the teenage years, even for those without the hardships your main character endures.

    – Jim

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