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Prometheus and the Origin of Life

Just saw Prometheus a few days ago and I've got to say that it was pretty intense.  I can't give away any spoilers cause that would be bad sportsmanship like conduct.  But I can say what most already know about the premise: life on earth was created by aliens.

It's somewhat sad that Darwinists are painted into such a corner that they even have to propose such an absurd theory.  After all, how did life come from nothing?  I mean, you can give yourself as millions of years that you need, but you'll never duplicate spontaneous life. Even if you had your own primordial soup, threw in some protein, from where, I don't have a clue, and stirred it all with lightning, you would never get life.  Ask the scientists who have tried.  So, where does that leave us?

It leaves us with the premise that life came here from somewhere else.  But the movie Prometheus kinda blows a small hole in that too. If al life was created by a strand of alien dna, why is the only exactly similar dna that of humans?  Why don't trees and fish have the same dna? And if humans evolved from apes, why is our dna not nearly identical? 

And on a separate but same subject, why is it that we've found so few missing links, discounting the frauds, of course?  If it's survival of the fittest, then the majority of the fittest apemen should have survived? There should be thousands and thousands of apemen lying around to be found.  Sorry, had to get it out.

But, back to the dna...the driving force of evolution, Darwin's Black Box as it was deemed, has to be mutation.  There really could be no other driving force.  However, if genetics 101 taught me nothing else, and it didn't, it taught me that one, mutations are never beneficial, two mutations, or the inferior gene likes to skip a generation, and three...I don't really have a three. 

Except maybe to wonder, if an ape with a new mutation could use tools, like a pneumatic wrench or a blowtorch, wouldn't he be ostracised for being the odd ape out.  I mean would a groovy female of the tribe really want the outcast ape.  No way.  If social networking has taught us nothing else, and it hasn't, it's that the Alpha Female is gonna go after the Alpha Male, not Johnny the ape nerd with three arms.

And another thing about Prometheus the movie.  Wasn't Prometheus the god that gave fire to the humans and then was punished for it?  Well, how does that relate to an alien race giving humans and all other life existence?  It should have been called ...Oh, sorry.  Wikipedia just informed me that Prometheus created man from clay, so there you go.  I'm not too big a man to admit when I'm wrong.

The movie brings up another point as well.  If aliens created life on earth, then who created the aliens?  And the answer would be..............Prometheus II, the sequel.

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