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Upcoming Works

Working on several different projects nowadays.  It seems like I tend to write just like I read, with more than one going at a time.  Hopefully, I will be able to produce some long and short works so content keeps rolling out.
    Right now the main focus is on three works.  The first is a collection of poems and short stories.  I’m not sure what the title will be.  Tossing around Poems and Parables and Searching for the Edge of the World as possibilities.  Might incorporate both and keep one as a subtitle.  The poems will vary in style, though most have a traditional feel to them and some later works are of a style that mixes some traditional rhyme and open meter.  The stories are mainly parable type tales.  If you want to see what I mean read the story titled, How Goatherd Came to be a Title of Honor Among the People of Rudon.  This will be included in the collection and can give you a fair idea of what I mean by parable.  Think fairy tales with a little more detail and character building.  Look for these stories and poems to be released over the next few months.
    At the same time I hope to have a short novel polished and ready to be released in the next few months.  This one is called, Beyond the Steel Wall.  Again, it has fairy tale like feel to it (are we seeing a pattern develop) but begins in a modern setting.
    Beyond is much more than a fairy tale though.  It is a story about the search for meaning and greatness in a world of mediocrity and listlessness, about finding the hero that dwells within us all.  In a lot of ways it sums up much of my philosophy and outlook on life.  Funny thing is, I didn’t set out to write it like that, it just kind of came out.  I’ll say more about it closer to release.
    Finally, there is full length fantasy novel also in the works that will be called, The Tamarask Tree.  I don’t want to say a whole lot about it right now as it is in the very earliest stages of being written.  I will be saying more about it as the story develops.
    Here in July you will see some poems being put out, probably packaged in sets of ten.  In August a new short story called, The Tragedy of the Lethe, will be ready, also a part of the Parables and Poems set.  By then it will be early September and hopefully the first sneak peaks of Beyond the Steel Wall will be ready.  The plan is to have it on audio as well as written format, but we will see how this goes.
    Beyond September who knows.  Certainly more poems and parables will be rolling out.  There are two other novels that could be in the mix soon also, but seeing as both of them are part of a series I hesitate to include them yet.  I don’t think I am ready to finish these series until Tamarask Tree is completed.  It just feels like the right novel at the right time.
    I guess at the end of the day the writing craft is so much more instinctual than rational.  I will try to keep everyone informed as the Spirit continues to move.

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