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“Wednesday’s Commute” and the commonplace

We always know when Jesus is at work because He produces in the commonplace something that is inspiring.

-- Oswald Chambers


Commonplace is everywhere, good and bad.  It can be found in our work, where we live, how we pay bills, in helping our children with their homework, in cutting the lawn, in trials and convictions, in eating dinner, in winning and losing at sports, in attending church on Sunday mornings (or Friday evenings or Saturday evenings or...), in loving and in wasting relationships away, in sickness, in recovery, in impending death, and in millions of other life-events every day.  We tend to be creatures of, and we construct our institutions to follow, routine habits.

In "Wednesday's Commute," my recent short story, I highlight the commonplace in a group of people accustomed to getting to work in the same, old way.

The same, old way until Wednesday, that is.

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