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Wednesday’s Commute by James Yarbrough

  • Wednesday's Commute by James Yarbrough
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781311638489
  • Word Count: 2,410
  • Genre: Fiction, contemporary, action
  • Download Links: [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=227 linktext=EPUB /] | [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=228 linktext=MOBI /] | [wpfilebase tag=fileurl id=229 linktext=PDF /]

Wednesdays Commute by James Yarbrough------------

In “Wednesday’s Commute,” the commonplace is highlighted in a group of people getting to work on a bus in the same, old way. But when something very unexpected happens on-board, the commuters are changed forever.

What happens when the unexpected threatens our comfort and safety? And in a confined space, at that? Is this a reason for unbounded fear or a reason to watch how God might be working? "Wednesday's Commute" tells the story of how one group of people responds -- and grows.

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