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Whenceforth Zombiez!(?)

I was unprepared for the amount of work my little zombie story, Zombiez!, turned out to be.  Apparently I wrote the first draft while on a massive crack binge, and the second while under the influence of some serious lazy pills.  Looking at myself in the mirror, I made a deal with that guy:  The third pass through would be my last, but I had to be sure that EVERY WORD in EVERY SENTENCE was right before I could move on.  

I spent every free minute for a whole week, and added about 1000 words to the finished product, but I kind of like how it turned out.  It's about 1500% more insane than I intended when I first conceived it in the belly of my head-brain, but that was bound to happen considering I had no real direction aside from a starting concept of "zombies."  I started writing the part that eventually became "I" and liked it, but had no idea where to go next.  Somehow LOST-style flashbacks made their way into my head, and that meant I had to figure out who was in the chapel.  Once I did that, the story practically wrote itself!  It was a lot of fun to figure out how these people got into the woods in the first place, and what horrible things they had done to get the attention of the man in the red beret.  It was also fun to see how these characters bounced off each other (sometimes literally) as the story advanced.  

So, what's the story about?  For me, it's about two diametrically opposed ways to react to people and the evil that they do.  For some, they meet evil with more evil.  For others, they meet it with a frustrated sense of responsibility while trying to save people (mostly from themselves).  But there are a lot of ideas in it.  It's an Idea story.  I also wanted to work out some of my beefs with Lovecraft (pretty clear that he hated people), current zombie culture (it should be a rule that dead things do not jump), and about seven different stereotypical subtypes of US humans.  Once I start working out beefs, it's pretty hard for me to stop.  I've got a frightening amount of them.

One last plea: If any of you out there liked Zombiez!, please tell a friend about it.  I feel like people would like this, if they got to read it.  If you didn't like it, please tell nobody.  Just kidding.  Why didn't you like it?  I'll do better next time, I promise.  Also, any validation or encouragement you could give me in my writing plight would be much appreciated.  I feel a little like I'm alone in this, even though there are so many people out there in the world and involved in this whole Bard and Book project.


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