• The Big Wheel Blessing by Jamie Greening
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    ISBN: 9781311405012
    Word Count: 5,270
    Genre: Christian–General and Short story
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    Childhood […]

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    She smiled at him.
    A nervous flutter tickled his stomach. He smiled back, and regretted doing so the instant he did.
    Her hair was in a tight pony tail, revealing a long neckline–the kind of neckline that always got Taylor’s attention. Her grey business suit and skirt accentuated a tiny waistline. Before he knew it she had sat down beside…[Read more]

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    Geoff decided to hold back and see how it played out. A particularly energetic atheist named Richard was expounding on the way faith systems oppress science. He was using the exhausted story of Galileo and the Roman Catholic church to prove his point. Geoff held his tongue, for he knew every hole in that story, and waited to see how Susan…[Read more]

  • When people die, it is tragic.† Sometimes there are events that happen after a loved one dies that almost seem as hard as the original pain of loss.†† My newest short story features that kind of event–the ri […]

  • The Last Message by Jamie Greening
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    ISBN: 9781311846679
    Word Count: 4,140
    Genre: Fiction, Christian, Short Story, Paranormal
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    Lois […]

  • are garden gnomes the new leprechauns? i’d like to read both of your writings on that. i bet it is fun.

  • welcome graham! so with this first post of yours being so spiritual and, to be honest, down-right-preachy (and as a preacher i mean that in a good way) i nominate you to be he chaplain for our little bard group. […]

  • this site is still growing. i need to make certain i pop in more often, but alas, i am too busy writing interesting things . . . or at least that is what i tell myself.

  • welcome james! don’t make yourself too comfortable though because i am sure the literary police are going to start rounding us up one by one and hauling us off to some secret location where hapless writers who […]

  • welcome robert! now that you have officially thrown your lot in with such a roving band of literary misfits, no doubt you’ve lost all hope at respectable society. congratulations.
    on a serious note, i thought […]

  • ThumbnailIs there an artist, maybe a writer or a musician, that you really dig but you know they donít have much visibility and a lot of people donít know about them?† Wonder what you could do to help?† If so, I have good […]

  • let me just say, that gerson and the fisherking are just full of awesomeness and loaded with superior intellect. we are so fortunate to have them on our side.

  • This is something I wrote up this morning and posted on my personal blog page.† I’ve been bashing on Hallmark Christmas movies the last couple of days (click here and here) and that kind of got my juices flowing […]

  • i agree in a lot of ways robert. what i want to know, and maybe this is the pastor in me, is why? why are we so apathetic about the things earlier generations were passionate about? the answer i come up with is […]

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    no, no but. i liked it. it had the same kind of bite to it that some of those early twilight zone’s had with the expected outcome twisted into something completely different. i liked that.

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    so robert, i downloaded it tonight and will attempt to get it read this week.

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    tony–i just read the story and it was a good piece of writing.

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    you are certainly welcome. my story is now in its penultimate form. by hook or crook i will release it next year.

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