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Prairie Romance by Derek Elkins

  • Prairie Romance by Derek Elkins
  • Kindle Edition
  • ISBN: 9781301917945
  • Word Count:  3,608
  • Genre: 9781301917945
  • Download Links:  EPUBMOBIPDF

Prairie Romance by Derek Elkins


This is a parody of prairie romances. I've only included the first chapter because I don't want to write another one unless someone really wants me to. I don't mind because they amuse me, but if you want more of the same, you'll need to let me know through Amazon or, better yet, through Bardandbook.com.

Jolene, who just lost her father, is being pressured by the Mayor to either sell him the dirt farm or marry him. After rejecting the Mayor's advances, she is saved at the last minute by the handsome stranger known as Hank.

Author's Notes

This is my fourth parody and I'm starting to wonder if these are doing any well or I should move on to stranger pastures. I like writing the parodies, but I have other things I'm working on as well. Oh well, here is a parody of prairie romances I came up with after reading an article that says that most Christians that read fiction, primarily read Amish or prairie romances.

I've definitely got something else in the works for February and I've got to finish the novel I'm working on as well, only five chapters left. Plus, my book Life Unworthy of Life is coming out in a few months and I'll probably pressed for time on promoting and stuff. Hey, if anyone ever wants to chat, let me know, comment on one of my stories and we'll set something up.

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  1. Derek: E-mail me at outdeep at yahoo dot com and I’ll give some feedback.

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