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The Knight in Black Tuxedo by Anthony Horvath

This little short story is being made available for absolutely free, not even a coupon needed.  I like the story, and the idea that it reflects about there being realities that cannot be discerned by the eye alone.  I believe that firmly.  I also believe that not believing that is a recipe for disaster- personally, and collectively.  Words cannot be grasped or poured into cups but they nonetheless have power... to change... to heal... to hurt... and only things with substance have such capabilities.  Actions and events, too, can have import beyond the sum of the physical 'stuff' and processes involved.  If an event such as the one described in this story took place, one could theoretically map out the whole thing in physical terms, right down to the atoms forming the neurological processes, but even the total physical explanation of the 'system' would not tell the total story.

  • The Knight In Black Tuxedo by Anthony Horvath
  • Kindle Edition | Smashwords
  • ISBN: 9781466162358
  • Genre: Short Story
  • Approx Words: 1100
  • Availability:  Free
  • Download Links: EPUBMOBIPDF


"You're as plain as plain can be" said the father to the daughter, in front of her prom date. Could anyone survive the weight of such crushing words? In this short story courage and cowardice and other unseen realities are examined. Is beauty really only in the eye of the beholder? Perhaps this is because our eyes do not work properly. What would we think if we could see each other- and ourselves- as we really are?

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