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This Year So Far



I am not having a banner year so far, although that could change readily.  My daughter had emergency surgery and had to have her appendix removed.  Then my son's best friend lost his mom suddenly.  And then just last week our cat we've had for ten years died suddenly.  Holy crud, we're not even out of January yet.  But things can change around any time...at least they better.  I still have hope.

It's easy to let the little things in our life get us down, especially if they keep on hitting us over and over again.  But it's important to remember that tomorrow is a brand new day and can carry its own good and bad.

Writing wise, I've been working on this one book that has been taking me a bit over a year and I'm stil not finished.  I had a four to six month period where I didn't type anything on it.  I wonder why I allowed that to happen.  It's not like I don't want to complete the book because I really do.  And it's not like I don't have ideas to finish because I have those as well.  Who knows.  Everything happens in its own time.

I've also been watching a whole lot of Dora the Explorer because my two year old is really into it.   The stories are really just the same story repeated over with different elements.  But I guess they hit on a working combination.  And if it works, why make changes?

Anyway, I'm hoping and praying that 2013 is a great year for our little website here and here's wishing you the best as well.

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  1. Derek,

    Writing is a process, right? While the mechanics may be similar to laying bricks, it is different in that its productivity can’t always be flipped on or measured.

    Sometimes the circumstances of life is an unapparent journey to get to the place where we have something to write about.


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